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About Me

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Writing about myself was not an easy task at all… But you, my readers, are probably wondering why I’m doing all this.


This journal is a fulfilled promise to my friends, who have entrusted me with their life stories for many years and who insisted that I start sharing this luggage with others – to fill my journal with the flavour of understatement, the tartness of sincerity, and a good pinch of humour and irony.

At school, we were always taught that it’s not good to tell others what to do, and it’s not good to listen to other people’s the tips of others as well, because they are not always right. On the other hand, conventional wisdom says it’s better to learn from other people’s mistakes than from your own.

I, on the other hand, am of the opinion that everything in life is very individual and the experiences of others can help us to find our own way, which everyone goes and makes their own mistakes. There is no single opinion, there is a polyphony, and from each voice, you can hear a note of useful or false, although if you hear false correctly, in it you can also find benefit – how NOT to do or “how to do to ruin everything”.

Into this polyphony, and I will add my own voice and the voices of my friends, acquaintances, occasional fellow travellers in life whose verse or chorus made me laugh or resent it at one time. The purpose of these voices is not to prompt, to whisper, to sing, but to hear the essence, with a smile or a sadness, as I observe others.

These are not clues-formulas as to how something works or doesn’t work, but variations of other people’s ways, including mine.
Your voices I’d love to hear, too.

I look forward to reading you in the comments or at my mailbox elly{at}dortgmail{dot}com

With love, Elly.