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So, you've gone through a long multi-step or simple one-step registration and are ready to dive into a waterfall of new emotions and acquaintances. First, look at the options and decide whether or not to start a search. In my opinion, if you have not decided what and who you are looking for, do not turn on, look around, walk around the pages and understand what you want and whether you want something at all. If you know at least approximately who to view as a candidate for at least a real date, then it is better to sift out the desired contingent by searching, but here is better to make a wider search, even if it does not fully coincide with your expectations, remember the Chinese wisdom - "who knows what he is looking for, will not find what he does not know.

This time I'll start at the beginning of a relationship: getting to know each other. Where do people meet these days? Nine out of 10 respondents would say online. Online communication in general has become an integral part of our lives. It has opened up new avenues and new frustrations. For those who are in search of their mates and partners, it's an economical and convenient way to expand their circle of acquaintances and chances.