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So, you’ve gone through a long multi-step or simple one-step registration and are ready to dive into a waterfall of new emotions and acquaintances. First, look at the options and decide whether or not to start a search. In my opinion, if you have not decided what and who you are looking for, do not turn on, look around, walk around the pages and understand what you want and whether you want something at all. If you know at least approximately who to view as a candidate for at least a real date, then it is better to sift out the desired contingent by searching, but here is better to make a wider search, even if it does not fully coincide with your expectations, remember the Chinese wisdom – “who knows what he is looking for, will not find what he does not know.

In general, the more choice, more variety, the better, but at the same time be aware that there will be much more trash, but it will be a lot, but about this later. If you have decided on the search, then move on to the next section – is what everyone draws attention to in the first place – the appearance, and if we’re talking about sites, of course, the photo.

What kind of weirdos I have not seen, something amused, something immediately repulsed, so the photo profile can also draw conclusions. Serious candidates put their everyday photos in good quality, maybe the face is not quite close, but not far enough to give you a general idea of him. Remember, not all men are confident enough to display themselves clearly and close up. So many put up photos from some kind of photoshoot – this is of course great and always nice to look at. Here, in my opinion, there is some subtext hidden, perhaps such a man loves himself too much and is looking for a princess with requirements that you do not always want to meet, but can and are you ready to be a queen 24 hours a day? Please remember, kings are capricious and windy, can be obnoxious and unrestrained, sometimes cruel, but that’s another story.

Photos should be a few, he wants to show himself in different situations, on holidays, on vacation, or in pursuit of his hobby. From this, you can already draw the first information right away. If the photo is blurry, fuzzy, group photos with lots of people, the angles are such that you can’t see his face. Or even from behind, naked or selfies of terrible quality, as if he is holding the phone for the first time.

Photos with other women who have been “cut off,” nineties style photos – there are the following reasons for each of these points, which are not necessarily true, but you should still think about it:

• Blurry photo. Hiding from someone or something (this is the same as a profile without a photo). Perhaps there are people he knows on the site who can recognize him, a “secret service agent” or an “undercover agent”? Do you need all of this?

• Group photos. Does he want to play the “find me” game with you from the beginning? Let’s go back to point one, “agent.”

• Half side/rear position – this can show that the man is very insecure or even complex. Would that work for you? If you want to fulfill your need as a mom or educator/teacher, it’s up to you…

• Half naked photos-if the body is beautiful, then of course YES!!! Just kidding of course. Better to brag about it on special sites, if there is anything to brag about at all… It could be exhibitionism or some kind of sexual complex. It’s probably worth thinking about right away.

• Ugly selfies – would a self-respecting person post a photo that shows he doesn’t know how to use his phone at all? In the end, take 50 selfies and choose the best ones or call a friend to do it for you, it’s the 21st century out there and phones have long been a part of our lives, it’s time to learn how to take selfies.

• Photo with other girls is a possible option if it’s a sister or mom who looks great, we do respect family values. In general, “cut off” often exes, otherwise why cut off, and the question arises – are there no more good photos or was it the happiest time? A cut-off ex behind the back is not a rosy start for dating.

• The “80s/90s/2000s style” photo – do you really think he hasn’t changed since then? Chances are, it looks so different now that it doesn’t appeal to many people at all anymore. And of course, there must be more than one photo. There have been cases where the photo was a different person altogether, just from the Internet, so don’t be shy and don’t be afraid to ask to send a few more pieces or a link to some social networking site. The faster and without reservations your candidate responds to your request, the more confident and relaxed you will be.

Read about profile design, message style, and what to read between the lines in the next post


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