Do not complain, act, value your time, use it for your desires. Do not delay. Spend. Get rid of unnecessary things, toxic people, empty conversations, imposed by someone “should” – you should be happy!!! Be ready for the new and it will definitely find you – this moment, minutes a month, this happy time called Life!

Several articles are in the works, but today I want to put everything aside, and write about what’s swirling around in my head and what I want to share with you.

Have you ever felt how time creeps away, how it sails away into the “beautiful far away”, have you ever noticed how the minutes, hours, days, months, and years were ahead of you? And now when you are very close, they are gone, you don’t see them – where are they? At 20 you begin to write the first draft of your life, truly believing that there is still plenty of time to think (or not think) and start the first draft and that you can turn the page, and there are new and beautiful things, years and events waiting.

Have you had moments in this race when you stopped and looked at the place where you live, at the work you do from day by day, and you thought, “What am I doing here anyway? Is this what I wanted when I started the draft and prepared the final version?” Many of us don’t even have time to comprehend the question, let alone to hear the answer clearly, and with all the few who have heard the answer, are ready to change everything and do what they really want, what they aspire to, starting to write a draft “here and now”. Happy are those who say “this is what I dreamed about, this is what I wanted to do, this is how I wanted to live my life”, but I doubt that there are many of them.

There are many more people 40+ who will say, “it happened this way / can’t change anything / such circumstances / no worse than others,” but looking inside, they probably realize that this was not what they wanted, not what they dreamed of, but how life turned out. You may ask why I am writing all this because it is a common feeling, a harsh reality, and uncovered truth – it happens, but are we not the ones who shape reality? Aren’t we the ones who waste time when we write a rough draft instead of a clean one? By this description, I am trying to say that time is the most valuable resource that we have, and we use it so ineffectively.

I look at my friends and acquaintances who are fussing about things that have nothing to do with the word LIFE, and when I ask them why all this fuss, what is the goal, do they even want that, they usually shrug it off and say – “now I can do this / then I will have time. But there is no “then”, “then” – it’s time wasted “now”.

Think about how you want to live your life, what new things you want to try, what really gives you pleasure, find time for yourself and your world. Of course, it’s easy to say and much harder to do, especially when you have a job, children, constant everyday problems, and troubles, but I am sure if you try, everything can work out.

When I split up with my husband, it seemed like everything in my life was over before it had even started. The rough draft was over, but the rough draft had not even begun. The struggle for survival filled my world, time was flying away and it seemed to me that nothing new and interesting would happen, that everything had already happened… It was at that difficult moment that the thought struck me – what is “interesting”?

I began to think and listen, to imagine, to try on myself, something from the life of others – and it turned out that there are so many usual things in the world, but new to me, so many things, places, hobbies, which I would like to do, learn, try: languages, embroidery, photography, cinema, oriental dancing, blog – so much, but the whole day is barely 24 hours.

All at once, one does not have time, domestic work, and the flowers of life need attention and care. Start with something small – for me it was a plan for the year and the first item is “read at least three books”. Think about it!  I love to read, the previous five years have not read a single book! My first plan had only three items, but when I saw at the end of the year that I had crossed them all out, I was very proud and happy.

Perhaps my tips will help you – share with your children your plans, discover the world around you together, share your experiences. In my case, at the beginning of the way books were read together with my son, and I discovered something that was in the school curriculum and passed by.

And I took German courses together with my daughter, as I had no one to leave the children with. Now she goes to a younger group of children and learns German on her own. And that was just the beginning – there were and are more and more points.

TIME is the most valuable resource, the most important investment and purchase, do not waste it. Enjoy, use every day and every opportunity for the usual pleasant or new unusual, learn to say “YES” to every chance and you will see how changes will find you.

What has become your most valuable resource over the years?


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